AWRC Industries: Services

Light Manufacturing

For over 50 years, AWRC Industries has partnered with local and national companies to provide light manufacturing work. Many businesses look to AWRC to help with packaging of miscellaneous kits, product assembly, sewing, sealing, cutting, separation of goods, and order fulfillment operations. AWRC offers “clean rooms” or floor space work areas, based on need, as well as dedicated supervisors for all customers. With a large employee base and incredible flexibility, your last minute orders become top priority. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products, on time, and with excellent customer service.


AWRC Industries is a true order fulfilment facility from dock to door. We understand deadlines loom, and people want products fast. AWRC has a large amount of warehouse space, enabling us to store materials for your business and to ship products directly to your customers in a timely manner. Our warehouse space is environmentally controlled to protect your products, and our inventory management software makes tracking products easy, so we are fully accountable to you for every product, piece, part, etc. you store with us. Within our facility we have numerous dock doors in which we offer live load options as well as scheduled pickups for our customers’ needs. AWRC Industries offers its warehousing customers low rates and excellent service.


AWRC Industries has a GPS managed fleet of vehicles available to provide local delivery and pick up, or if you prefer, we can manage third party shipping. Using the live tracking of the GPS traffic system, we can reroute vehicles and avoid congestion ensuring deliveries get to your end user on time.